We knew the disasters were coming. They hinted at it in the news. We learned all about it in science class. We all knew it was coming; it just wouldn’t happen to us. It was a few years away. It wasn’t our problem. The problem for the next generation perhaps. But in the end, I think we all knew better.

     ~Cleaver Magazine, June 2017

Can It Be A Sin? 

Perhaps, humans do not see anything as humans other than themselves. Everything else is less than.

     ~Georgia Southern University, May 2015

By Wheel and By Wing

Through story, song, legend, and newsreel-style reports, By Wheel and By Wing tells an extraordinary tale of triumph: of love over war, of humor over despair, of family bonds over hatred, and of the human spirit over adversity.

     ~Jewish Heritage Museum, November 2014

7 Minutes

     ~New Horizon's Playwright Festival, June 2011