New York City’s Hyper-Gentrification With the Author of ‘Vanishing New York’

As New York City’s landscape rapidly gives in to gentrification, author and 25-year resident Jeremiah Moss stands as witness and activist to preserve what he can.

~Culture Trip, January 2019

Banned Books Reveal American Anxieties Around the LGBTQ Community

The prominence of LGBTQ books on the Banned Books List points to cultural discomfort with the LGBTQ community, rather than the stated discomfort with sex. While many young-adult novels include sexual acts, it can be revealing to note which ones are flagged. Books with LGBTQ characters and characters of color are often disproportionately represented on the Banned Books List.

~Culture Trip, September 2018

The Room Where It Happens

Every person comes with a history of experience which shapes their outlook. And the more we can increase the kinds of experiences people can bring to the room, the more varied and exciting our world will be.

~The Gay YA, November 2016