Why Are All the Trans Kids So Normal?

Panel discussion on the representation of transgender youth in children’s literature and the need for future intersectional representations.

    ~National Council of English Teachers, November 2017

Frankenstein: Bodies and their Makers

Poster presentation on Can it be a Sin? with research around queer & religious sexuality and the themes of the Creator/Creation relationship in Frankenstein.

    ~Curio Research Symposium, April 2015

Can it be a Sin to Know? A Retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Presentation on thesis. Perform excerpt and explain research & writing process.

     ~Honors Research Symposium, April 2015

Hedwig, Brandon, and Sophia: Writing Transgender Characters

Directed workshop, discuss transgender characters in the media & tropes which follow these characters. Also discuss tips on writing transgender characters.

     ~LGBTQ & Allies Conference, October 2014 

International LGB Experiences 

Presentation on various LGB experiences around the world from interviews.

     ~LGBTQ & Allies Conference, October 2013