This Secret Language Allowed Gay Men To Communicate When Homosexuality Was Illegal

If you were a gay man living in England in the mid-20th century, you might greet your friends with “how bona to varda your dolly old eek”. This secret language, or cryptolect, served to help those in the gay community weed out who was “in the life” and who was not.

~Culture Trip, July 2018

‘Van Life’ is Redefining Life on the Road

Nomads are not a new phenomenon. But Instagram and the hashtag #VanLife have re-branded transience, making it the new “cool.”

~Culture Trip, June 2018

Kudzu: The Vine That Ate Southern Literature 

In a region defined by slow pace, the fast-growing vine found a home. Kudzu has been portrayed both as a deadly invader and a friendly entrapper. 

~Culture Trip, May 2018

Girls Can Now Join the Boy Scouts. But Should They Want To?

Girl Scouts had given me the gift of learning that girls deserve complete freedom of self-determination, and I wanted to offer the same to her.

~Slate, March 2018

Revisionist History

I will pick whatever story gets me what I want, what gets me the response I am looking for, the response I need. Do I need sympathy? Medical access? A job? My life becomes a negotiation of information. 
I was taught the narrative I needed to have, so I procured it.

     ~Gertrude Press, September 2017

At the Protest

So she must stand her in the crowd, holding up her sign with her simple plea and making me want to cry.

~ New School Writing, March 2017

Sound Over Water

Sound travels furthest over water, so he kept his hand upon my mouth. His fingers laced tightly across my lips. Hard.

     ~The Rumpus, December 2016

Edge of the Map

I have always been fascinated by the edges of maps. Where exactly to the two ends of the earth overlap? What is just past that ocean in Narnia? Where did the elves plan on going when they left Middle Earth? My favorite comment has always been “Here there be Dragons.”

     ~Gaslight: Lambda Literary Foundation Emerging Writers Anthology, March 2015

Queer Narratives

What is a queer narrative?
       A queer narrative is anything that derives from the norm.

     ~Miscellany, February 2015